Fodder plants and foraging behaviour of Asian elephants in Srivilliputhur Elephant Reserve, Tamil Nadu, India

Priyadharshana, M. ; Vadivel, V.


The Srivilliputhur Elephant Reserve is one of India's 32 elephant reserves. It is home to wild elephants as well as other wildlife. This study aims to document the fodder plants and foraging behaviour of elephants in the Srivilliputhur Elephant Reserve. Elephants in the Srivilliputhur Elephant Reserve consumed 61 plant species from 25 different families. In the current study, the majority of the fodder plants of Asian Elephants belonged to the families of Fabaceae, Poaceae, and Malvaceae. Elephants were found to feed more frequently on trees (66%), followed by shrubs (16%), herbs (9%), and climbers (6%). It was observed that the elephants ate both the browsing tree and grazing grass species during the wet season, but browsing tree species dominated during the dry season.


Elephant; Feeding behaviour; Fodder Plants; Srivilliputhur Elephant Reserve.

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