Study on traditional food plant resources and bioactivities of product as dye from fruits of Basella alba L. (Ceylon Spinach) plant

Bora, Simana ; Borah, Porismita ; Rajkumari, Runjun Gogoi


Basella alba L. commonly known as Ceylon Spinach and Puroi in Assam is used as pot herb in N E Region of India. Its dark blue fruits having deep red-violet flesh are a potential source of natural colorants. It is a potent natural antioxidant and stable at 60°C and beyond 60 °C it goes to be gradually unstable. Its fruits have great potentialities for application in the cosmetics, food dye, official ink and fabric industry.The aim of the present study was to evaluate the economical cultivation of the plant and selection of part of plant species useful for dye extraction. The colour pigment from fruits can be extracted (40.5%) with water by constant stirring for 1-2 h at room temperature. Thermal stability of dye solution and dyeing of beaten rice with this dye was studied.


Basella alba , Ceylon Spinach fruits, Economical plant, Traditional edible colour, Thermal stability, Food colour.

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