Phytochemical standardization of Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) H.J. Lam. seeds by HPTLC technique

Rashmi; Tyagi, Sapana


Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) H.J. Lam. (Family Sapotaceae) commonly known as Indian butter tree or Cheura, is native to Nepal and distributed from Garhwal Himalaya to Sikkim and up to Bhutan. Its seeds are the richest source of edible oil known as Phulwara butter which is being used by local communities for cooking purposes. The objective of the study was to examine the phytochemical constituents and development of fingerprinting profile with the aid of HPTLC technique. The qualitative and quantitative distribution of the active principles was assessed and a HPTLC method was developed for the separation of active constituents in seed extracts. Preliminary phytochemical screening of secondary metabolites was carried out by following standard methods and found to contain lipids, saponins, tannins, alkaloids, phenols, steroids and flavonoids. The study will prove useful to compare bioactive principle present in the seeds.


Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) H.J. Lam., HPTLC, Phulwara butter, Phytochemical constituents, Sapotaceae.

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