Diversity of wild edible plants in Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam

Phangchopi, Urmika ; Teron, Robindra ; Tamuli, Ajit K


The present study revealed that 91 species of wild edible plants belonging to 79 genera and 45 families including 2 fern species are consumed by the inhabitants of Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam, India. Karbis consumed highest number of wild plants (91) followed by Nepalis (50) and Dimasas (42); 38 plants have common uses among all the ethnic groups. Wild plants constitute the main source of diet, nutrition, economy and health of the people. Pair wise ranking was performed to evaluate threat factors to wild edible plant resources which indicated agricultural expansion, overgrazing, fuel wood collection and jhum practices as major threats.


Conservation, Livelihoods, Marat Longri wildlife sanctuary, Wild edible plants.

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