Standardization of eco-friendly technique for extraction of pectin from apple pomace

Chandel, Vinay ; Vaidya, Devina ; Kaushal, Manisha ; Gupta, Anil ; Verma, Anil Kumar


Apple pomace, an industrial by-product generated from apple juice processing industries, is a good source of pectin. The method for pectin extraction has been standardized by autoclaving apple pomace flour for time intervals of 15, 30, 45 and 60 min at 121 °C. The extraction of pectin by using autoclave at 121°C for 60 min followed by precipitation with 95 % ethanol was found optimum with pectin yield of 13.01 % on dry weight basis and anhydrogalacturonic acid content of 43.21 %. The pectin extracted by using eco-friendly method is characterized by equivalent weight (942.04), methoxyl content (4.32 %), anhydrogalacturonic acid (43.21 %) and degree of esterification (56.76 %). However, autoclaving at 121 °C for 45 min also resulted in 12.97 % pectin, but on the basis of anhydrogalacturonic acid (%) contents, the autoclaving of pomace for 60 min was optimized. The standardized method can be used to replace the chemical extraction procedure for commercial extraction of pectin from apple pomace.


Apple pomace, Autoclaving, By-product, Eco-friendly, Esterification, Methoxyl content, Pectin.

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