Development of technology for bamboo seeds payasam- a traditional product of tribals in Wayanad district of Kerala

Prajeesha, P P; Rao, Jayaraj K


The bamboo [Bambusa bambos (L.) Voss] seeds payasam is a light brown to dark brown coloured product, the dark colour is due to dark jaggery used in its preparation. The payasam has flowable consistency and possesses pleasant caramel taste with a typical bamboo seeds flavor along with a dash of coconut flavor. Various ingredients of bamboo seeds payasam, viz. amount of bamboo seeds, water, jaggery, fresh coconut extract and milk along with process for preparation were optimized. The standardized method of preparation involved cleaning and washing of bamboo seeds, soaking 100 g seeds in excess of water for 6 h at ambient temperature, draining the water, addition of 300 mL of fresh water and pressure cooking at 15 psi for 10 min. The cooked grains were then mixed with jaggery syrup, 125 g of fresh coconut extract and 125 g toned milk. Then the entire mixture was heated and desiccated to a final weight of about 1 kg. The bamboo seeds payasam had a composition of total solids 38.75 %, fat 7.8 %, protein 4.96 %, lactose 0.56 %, sucrose 20.25 %, ash 0.84 % and other carbohydrates 4.34 %. Based on the sensory evaluation and textural results, it was observed that the shelf life of the payasam was 1-2 days at 30 oC and more than 15 days at 5 oC.



Bamboo seeds; Payasam; Jaggery; Packaging; Shelf life; Composition


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