Origanum majorana L. -Phyto-pharmacological review

singla, Prerna ; Vasudeva, Neeru


Origanum majorana L. (Family Lamiaceae) is a frost tender perennial undershrub, native to Cyperus and naturalised in Mediterranean regions, particularly found in temperate regions of the Himalayas. Its usage for flavour and aroma dates back to ancient times. Traditionally, the leaves of marjoram are used for its medicinal properties to cure insomnia, gastritis, asthma and nervousness. Now-a-days, it is in great demand to be used in aromatherapy. Although various bioactive constituents are reported in aerial parts of the herb, but isolation of volatile oil and identification of its constituents has been the area of focus of the researchers. This article is compilation of traditional uses, phytochemical and pharmacological knowledge of the herb.


Lamiaceae, Origanum majorana L., Marjoram, Phytoconstituents, Pharmacological activity.

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