Production technology for endangered medicinal plants of Kashmir Himalayas II. Cultivation profile of Inula racemosa Hook.f.

Siddique, Mohmmad Abubakar Ahmad; Jeelani, Syed Mudassir


Production technology of Inula racemosa Hook.f., an endangered medicinal plant has been standardized for commercial exploitation in the farmer’s field. The crop plants were raised through transplantation of seedlings during the months of November-December and early March with a planting density of 40,000 plants/ha. Besides, planting geometry, the nutritional requirements vis-a-vis crude production of the crop have been worked out. The optimum yield of the crude drug was obtained by supplementing the crop with 200 kg of nitrogen, 150 kg of phosphorus and 50 kg of potassium/ha. Resource allocation pattern worked out for the crop indicated that maximum biomass is accumulated with rootstocks during the month of October and therefore harvesting of the crude drug should be accomplished in this month


Cultivation; Endangered; Kashmir Himalayas; Medicinal plants; Inula racemosa Hook.f.

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