Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on quality and shelf life of fresh Bengal gram kernels

Dhake, Kushal ; Jain, N. K.; Jain, S. K.


Bengal gram (Cicer arietinum L.) is a member of leguminous family. Premature Bengal gram green kernels were used for direct consumption as well as for making other preparation for food items. The fresh Bengal gram kernel has very short shelf life at room temperature. The modified atmosphere packaging can be used for enhancing the shelf life of fresh Bengal gram kernels. The study consisted of total six treatments comprising of two gases oxygen and carbon dioxide with three combinations (2 % O2 and 8 % CO2; 5 % O2 and 3 % CO2) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) packaging films. The storage was done at ambient, 5±1, 0±1 oC temperature. Treatment combination G1T3 (2 % O2 and 8 % CO2 and 0±1 oC) was found acceptable based on qualitative and physiological attributes till 21 days.


Carbon dioxide, Fresh Bengal gram kernels, Gas composition, Modified atmosphere packaging, Oxygen, Temperature

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