In vitro anti-inflammatory activity of Amaranthus caudatus L. leaves

Sen, Saikat ; Chakraborty, Raja ; Maramsa, Nirupam ; Basak, M ; Deka, Satyendra ; Dey, B K


Present investigation has been undertaken to investigate the anti-inflammatory activity of Amaranthus caudatus L. (Family Amaranthaceae) leaves using in vitro models. Leaves were extracted with 80 % butanol and methanol, both the extracts produced significant anti-inflammatory activity in concentration dependent manner. Butanol and methanol extract at 500 μg/mL produced 54.10 and 49.33 % inhibition of protein denaturation, respectively; while at same concentration butanol and methanol extract exhibit 78.41 and 70.33 % protection, respectively against RBC membrane degradation.


Amaranthus caudatus L., Anti-inflammatory, Leaves, In vitro.

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