Scientific evaluation of Darvyadi Kvatha Curna – A classical Ayurvedic compound formulation

Tiwari, Ashok Kumar; Dwivedi, Neelesh ; Tripathi, Manoj Kumar


Ayurveda comprises of various types of medicines including Asavas (fermented infusions), Arishtas (fermented decoctions), Curnas (fine powder) and Kvatha curnas (coarse powder). These are regarded as valuable therapeutics due to their efficacy and desirable features. Identification and quality evaluation of crude drugs is a fundamental requirement of industry and other organizations dealing with natural health products. Thus, there is an urgent need to evaluate such parameters which can be adopted by the pharmaceutical industries. In present communication, attempt has been made to standardize Darvyadi Kvatha Curna an Ayurvedic compound formulation which is used to treat Pradara (Excessive vaginal discharge) and formulated by eight ingredients, viz. Berberis aristata DC. - stem, B. aristata DC. - solid extract stem, Adhatoda zeylanica Nees. - root, Cyperus rotundus L. - rhizome, Swertia chirayita (Roxb.) Buch.-Ham. ex C.B.Clarke - whole plant, Aegle marmelos Corr. - fruit pulp, Semecarpus anacardium L.f. - fruit and Nymphaea alba L. - flower. Three samples procured from different manufacturers were subjected to powder microscopic characterization, HPTLC fingerprinting and physico-chemical analysis. It was observed that the pharmacognostic and chromatographic analysis complements each other and can be implemented effectively for the identification of raw materials used in the compound formulation.


Darvyadi Kvatha Curna, HPTLC fingerprint, Pharmacognosy, Scientific evaluation.

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