Vol 8, No 3 (2017)

September 2017

Table of Contents

Review Papers

Chemical composition and biological activity of Coriandrum sativum L.: A review

Chahal, K K; Singh, Ravinder ; Kumar, Amit ; Bhardwaj, Urvashi 193-203
Pharmacology and biochemistry behind the use of natural herbs to control arthritis – A review PDF
Mitra, Sankar P 204-223


Variation in the active compounds among natural populations of Swertia cordata


Chauhan, Rajendra S; Kitchlu, S ; Kumar, Arun ; Dutt, Prabhu 224-229

In vitro and in vivo pharmacological activities of the extracts of Rheum nobile Hook. f. & Thomson rhizomes

Gupta, Richa K.; Bharati, Laxman ; Shakya, Kul Shobha ; Regmi, Bal Mukunda ; Bajracharya, Gan B.; Jha, Ram Narayan 230-239

Patterns of accumulation of berberine alkaloid and chemical profiling of natural populations of Coscinium fenestratum (Menispermaceae) in the Central Western Ghats, India

N, Thriveni H; N, Ramesh Babu H; R, Vasudeva 240-247

Evaluation of in vitro antimicrobial activity, qualitative and quantitative phytochemical, proximate composition of leaf and stem of Reinwardtia indica Dumort: A comparative study

Shukla, Abha ; Vats, Swati ; Shukla, Rishi Kumar; Painuly, Deepak ; Porval, Anirudh ; Singh, Jashbir 248-253

Antimicrobial activity and bioactive compounds of Indian wild Mushrooms

Feleke, Hirut Tsegaye; Doshi, Anila 254-262
Comparison of juice extraction methods, determination of bittering principles and standardization of debittering of lime juice PDF
Bala, Anju ; Kaushal, B B Lal; Joshi, V K; Kaushal, Manisha 263-268
Eating from raw wild plants in Himalaya: Traditional knowledge documentary on Sheena tribe in Kashmir PDF PDF
Singh, Bikarma ; Bedi, Yashbir Singh 269-275
Butyro-Refractometer (B.R.) reading linked with solvent fractionation technique as an aid to detect adulteration of palm olein and sheep body fat in ghee
Gandhi, Kamal ; Lal, Darshan 276-281

Identification of suitable dyes for dyeing dried Chincherinchee (Ornithogalum thyrsoides Jacq.) cut stems for value-addition

Sharma, Gitam ; Kashyap, Bharati ; Sharma, BP ; Gupta, YC ; Gupta, Rakesh 282-290

Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources (IJNPR) [Formerly Natural Product Radiance (NPR)]