Effects of radiation on unsteady three-dimensional boundary layer flow and heat transfer over a permeable axisymmetric shrinking sheet with suction

Rajotia, Dinesh


In the present analysis, we have investigated the effects of thermal radiation on an unsteady three-dimensional boundary layer flow of an incompressible viscous fluid and heat transfer due to a permeable axisymmetric shrinking sheet with suction and power-law variation in wall temperature. The similarity transformations have been used to convert the governing partial differential equations into non-linear ordinary differential equations and then solved numerically by shooting technique. The conditions of the existence, non-existence and duality of the similarity solution have been explored by the investigation where the solution depends not only on suction parameter but on unsteadiness parameter also. Further, it has been emerged that the range of the suction parameter S, where the similarity solution exists, is increased with the increase of unsteadiness parameter A. Also, the graphs of velocity profile, temperature profile, skin-friction coefficient and rate of heat transfer at the sheet have been drawn with various values of the parameters and then discussed these characteristic features in detail.


Unsteady boundary layer flow; Axisymmetric shrinking sheet; Radiation effect;Suction

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