Temperature dependence of J–V and C–V characteristics of n-InAs/p-GaAs heterojunctions prepared by flash evaporation technique and liquid phase epitaxy

Farag, Alaa A; Terra, F S ; Ashery, A ; Fahim, G M M ; Mansour, A M


In this work, n-type of InAs films have been successfully fabricated on p-GaAs monocrystalline substrates by both flash evaporation technique and liquid phase epitaxy. The elemental composition of the prepared films has been confirmed by energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) spectroscopy. The morphology of the films has been characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The current transport mechanisms of n-InAs/p-GaAs heterojunctions in the temperature range 300-400 K have been investigated. Temperature-dependent dark current density-voltage (J–V) studies under forward and reverse bias have been carried out for this purpose. In the temperature range studied, the dark current contribution in the low bias range is believed to be due to the generation-recombination of minority carriers in the space-charge region. A change in the preparation technique does not seem to have altered the dark current conduction mechanism. Capacitance-voltage (CV) at various temperatures has been measured to identify the junction type as well as determination of the important junction parameters.


Liquid phase epitaxy;Flash evaporation;n-InAs/p-GaAs heterojunctionsLiquid phase epitaxy; Flash evaporation;n-InAs/p-GaAs heterojunctions

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