Glow peaks of Re (Re = Eu, Ce) doped CaF2 relevant to dosimetry

Bidyasagar, M ; Barua, A Gohain; Singh, Thoudam Basanta


Glow peaks of Re-doped (Re = Eu, Ce) have been studied for their relevance to dosimetry. All the key parameters that are essential in predicting the stability of glow peaks are evaluated by Computerised Glow Curve Deconvolution (CGCD). Unlike most of the earlier works, in this study the importance of order of kinetics (b) is considered keeping the recent development in mind. Finally, the values of the parameters evaluated are examined, considering the solid-state aspect of defects in the material.


CGCD; CaF2; Dosimetry; Order of kinetics; Glow curve deconvolution

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