Fiber optics based surface plasmon resonance for label-free optical sensing

Aggrawal, Ved Varun; Bhandaria, Shruti ; Birader, A M


With the advancement in the laser technology and availability of low cost optical fibers, there is an increasing trend towards adoption of optical fibers as sensing element for development of optical sensors probes especially point-of-care sensing for environmental, biomedical and clinical application. Refractive index measurement through surface plasmon resonance has evolved to be, one of the most sensitive transducer for label-free sensing with high sensitivity. Surface plasmon resonance is a surface sensitive optoelectronic phenomenon, where light incident on a plasmonic metal surface at a given angle can excite a surface-bound electromagnetic wave, a surface plasmon. Associated with the surface plasmon is an evanescent field that probes local changes in the refractive index of the ambient medium that are used for monitoring analyte- supramolecular/ bio-molecular ligand interactions. Present review outlines a concise view on theoretical aspects of fiber optics based surface plasmon resonance phenomenon and comprehensive updated review on research and development for progression in the design of fiber optics based SPR sensors.


Optical fibers; Surface plasmon resonance; FO-SPR sensor; Label-free sensors

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