Dielectric relaxation and molecular interaction study of aqueous amides

Joshi, Yogesh Sudhakar; Kanse, Kamalakar Shripatrao; Rander, Durgaprasad Nathmal; Kumbharkhane, Ashok Champatrao


Dielectric permittivity spectra of amides (DMF and DMA) over entire concentrations with aqueous solution have been measured with different frequency ranges at 25 °C. The permittivity spectra of amide-water mixtures at lower frequencies (20 Hz to 2 MHz) have been measured using Agilent Precision LCR meter E4980A and the same have been measured at higher frequencies using time domain reflectometry technique in the frequency range of 10 MHz to 30 GHz. The permittivity spectra have been fitted in Cole-Davidson model in order to evaluate the dielectric parameters. Further the Excess permittivity, Kirkwood correlation factor, Bruggeman factor have been calculated to study the molecular interactions in amides with water molecules. The study has been extended to confirm the molecular interactions among the unlike molecules using the volumetric properties.


Dielectric Permittivity; LCR meter; Time Domain Reflectometry; Excess Properties; Molecular interaction

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