Electron emission characterization of laser-induced gaseous plasma

Tahir, Muhammad Bilal ; Rafique, Muhammad ; Rafique, Muhammad Shahid ; Awan, Tahir Iqbal; Nabi, Ghulam


Laser induced hydrogen plasma has been investigated as a source of electrons. The energy, temperature and flux of the electrons have been determined by using two different temporal detectors; Faraday cup and Rogowski coil. The energy, temperature and flux were measured from the electrons extracted from laser induced hydrogen plasma. The Rogowski coil has been used for measurement of flux and current whereas Faraday cup has been used to determine the current density in laser induced plasma. The energy and temperature of the electrons are measured by the time of flight method in the range of 1.23 - 5.04 keV and 2516.26 eV, respectively. The flux of the electrons has been measured ≈ 1015 by Rogowski coil and the maximum current has been measured to be 39.6 kA. The current density has been measured by the Faraday cup ranges from 20 Am-2 to 23 Am-2.


Laser-induce plasma; Hydrogen plasma; Faraday cups; Rogowski coil

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