Effect of aluminum doping on the structural, morphological, electrical and optical properties of ZnO thin films prepared by sol-gel dip coating



Aluminum doped zinc oxide (AZO) thin films with 0-5 at.% aluminum content have been prepared by sol-gel dip coating technique. The thickness of the films has been measured using alpha step method. The structural and morphological properties have been studied, respectively, using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Higher intensity zinc oxide (ZnO) peak (002) has been observed in 1 at.% aluminum doped film with 450 °C of annealing temperature. The grains are more densely packed in the films doped in 1 at.% aluminum content. The grains have tendency to decrease in size as the aluminum content increases. Electrical resistivity measurement technique reveals that electrical resistance decreases with increase of film thickness. The lowest resistivity of the AZO thin film is 3.2×10-2 Ω. Optical properties of AZO thin films are tested by UV-visible spectroscopy, while comparing with all the films 0.5 at.% aluminum doped film produces more than 90% of transmittance.


AZO; Sol-gel; Transmittance

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