Optical, microstructural and electrical studies on sol gel derived TiO2 thin films

Tahir, Muhammad Bilal; Hajra, Syeda ; Rafique, Muhammad ; Hafeez, Muhammad Rizwan


TiO2 thin films have many interesting optical, physical, electrical and chemical properties that offer many applications in different fields of science and technology. The sol-gel spin coating technique has immense advantageous; such as low cost, usage of very simple equipment and relatively easy process control method. The optical, structural, microstructural and electrical properties have been analyzed through four point probe, XRD, SEM, high resolution electron microscopy, AFM and UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer. This paper is a research article about the sol-gel spin coated TiO2 thin film. The results will focus on the preparation and coating of TiO2 thin films on glass substrate at different annealing temperatures.


TiO2; Sol gel; Spin coating; XRD; SEM; HRTEM; AFM

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