Shear sound velocity of hexagonal close packed iron at extreme pressure

Sharma, Satendra Kumar


The present paper proposes the expression to predict the values of shear sound velocity. The present expression has been developed by using the reciprocal form of Grüneisen parameter (). The formulation thus developed has been used to calculate shear sound velocity for hexagonal close packed (hcp) iron at high pressures. It is found that the shear sound velocity increases with the increase in compression or pressure in a non-linear manner. Volume dependence of shear sound velocity shows linearity with Debye temperature and Grüneisen parameter. Shear sound velocity increases with the increase in Debye temperature whereas decreases with the increase in Grüneisen parameter. The calculations for the Grüneisen parameter, Debye temperature and shear sound velocity are also found to be in good agreement with the experimental data.


Metals; Thermodynamic properties; Hexagonal colosed packed iron

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