Anharmonicity in isochoric heat capacity for Mg2SiO4

Sharma, Satendra Kumar


An expression has been formulated to find the values of volume dependence of isochoric heat capacity (CV). It is employed on Mg2SiO4. It has been found that isochoric heat capacity decreases strongly with increase in compression or pressure. Anharmonicity on CV for solid under present investigation has been seen above 1500 K under low compression. However, at low temperature, for both low and high compression, and at high temperature under high compression, quasi-harmonic effects are visible. Under high compression, beyond 1200 K the CV increases slowly monotonically with the temperature. It attains peak value at/around Debye temperature. With increasing compression, the curves become steeper. At high temperatures, CV under high compressions depart from that estimated by the Dulong-Petit theory.


Isochoric heat capacity; Types of materials; Anharmonicity;Quasi-harmonic

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