Influence of temperature on mechanical characteristics of 1018 low carbon steel estimated by ultrasonic non-destructive testing method

Pham, Thanh Van; Kien, Do Trung


The temperature dependence of ultrasonic velocities propagated in low carbon steel 1018 has been investigated by the A-scan mode of the ultrasonic non-destructive testing method. Experimental results show that these velocities are linearly dependent on temperature of the carbon steel sample in the range of 0 to 50 °C. Based on the experimental velocities of the longitudinal wave and the shear one, mechanical characteristics of this carbon steel including Poisson's ratio (υ), Young’s modulus (E), shear modulus (G), and bulk modulus (K) have been calculated. These mechanical characteristics have also been linear response with respect to the increase of sample’s temperature. By using linear fitting approach, the temperature dependence coefficients of these mechanical characteristics have been analyzed and estimated to be 9.76×10-6/°C, −0.057 GPa/°C, −0.023 GPa/°C, and −0.038 GPa/°C for v, E, G, and K, respectively. It is concluded that the influence of the temperature on the mechanical properties of the carbon steels is necessary determined due to the improved accuracy of the ultrasonic testing method.


Nondestructive testing methods; Ultrasonic testing methods; Ultrasonic velocity; Poisson's ratio

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