Role of Schottky-ohmic separation length on dc properties of Schottky diode

Chattopadhyay, P. ; Banerjee, A.


The effect of Schottky-ohmic separation length on the barrier height, ideality factor and device series resistance of Al-p-Si Schottky barrier diodes in planar configuration have been studied. It has been found that the ideality factor and series resistance of the device vary nonlinearly with Schottky-ohmic separation length. The effect seems to be more pronounced on the series resistance, which has been attributed to recombination processes at the defect states and non-ohmicity at the ohmic contact of the device. The fitting of the experimental data confirms our previous observations of a logarithmic voltage dependence of the series resistance of the device.


Planar Schottky barrier diode; Semiconductor surface potential; Barrier height; Ideality factor; Series resistance

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