Acoustic and refractometric study of binary mixtures of 1-Propanol + Benzonitrile at 313 K

Prajapati, Ashvin N


Ultrasonic speed (U), refractive index (n) and density (ρ) for binary mixtures of various concentrations of 1-Propanol (1-PrOH) with Benzonitrile (BN) have been measured at constant temperature 313 K. Various acoustic and optical parameters have been determined from the measured values of ultrasonic speed, refractive index and density of binary liquid mixtures. Excess of measured acoustic and optical parameters have been evaluated and fitted in R-K polynomial. The deviations in the sign and values of these parameters from the ideal mixing reveal inter-molecular interactions in the liquid mixture. Several theoretical mixing relations for ultrasonic speed and refractive index for the binary mixtures have been applied and verified for the same.


Binary mixtures; Density; Mixing relations; Refractive index; Ultrasonic speed

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