Effect of crucible shape on the solution hydrodynamic in the growth of KTiOPO4 single crystals by top-seeded solution growth method: A numerical analysis

JafaTafreshi, majid ; azarm, mohammadreza ; fazli, mutapha ; Jahangiri, Ali


Three-dimensional solution flow and temperature field simulations were performed to model the growth of KTiOPO4 single crystals by TSSG method. Steady flow and temperature field for four crucible shapes were computed using finite volume method. Our results show the effect of crucible shape on axial flow which has direct effect on homogeneity of solution, morphology of crystal and mass transport during the growth of crystals from solution. In order to consider the simulation results, KTiOPO4 single crystals were grown by TSSG method in crucibles with different shapes.


Top seeded solution growth; KTiOPO4; Simulation; Crucible shape

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