A polarization insensitive ultrathin compact triple band metamaterial absorber

Sood, Deepak ; Tripathi, C C


In this paper, design, characterization and measurements of an ultrathin compact polarization insensitive triple band metamaterial absorber for wide incident angle have been presented. The unit cell design consists of a Jerusalem cross shaped resonator inside a square loop resonator. The proposed absorber exhibits triple band absorption at 4.4, 6.48 and 15.44 GHz with 96.6% and 97.64% and 85.81% absorptivity, respectively, for wide incident angles of electromagnetic wave. The absorption frequencies can be effectively adjusted for C, X and Ku frequency bands by optimizing the dimensions of the absorber design. The proposed absorber is ultrathin (0.014 λ0) in thickness and compact (0.12 λ0) in size at the lowest frequency of absorption. The proposed absorber exhibits TE and TM polarization stability and provides high absorption up to the incident angle of 60°. A prototype of the proposed absorber structure has been fabricated and experimentally tested for normal and oblique incidences for TE and TM polarization. The measured responses have been observed in agreement with the simulated ones.


Metamaterial absorber; Triple band;Compact; Ultra-thin; Polarization insensitive; Microwave absorber

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