Viscosity determination of titanium dioxide in water and ethylene glycol mixture based nanofluid

Abdul Hamid, K ; Azmi, W H ; Nabil, M F ; Mamat, Rizalman


This paper exposes the viscosity investigation of titanium dioxide (TiO2) based nanofluids. The viscosity measurements have been carried out for nanofluids of titanium dioxide suspended in 60:40 (by volume) water and ethylene glycol (EG) mixture. Titanium dioxide nanofluids were prepared in concentration ranges of 0.5 to 1.5 %. The viscosity measurement has been performed by the spindle rotation technique using Brookfield LVDV-III Ultra Rheometer at temperatures of 30 to 80 °C. The results indicate that the viscosity of nanofluids increases with increase in volume concentration and decreases with increase in temperature. The relative viscosity is independent of temperature. The design correlation equation is fitted for the nanofluids mixtures in the range of 0 ϕ 1.5% and 30 T 80 oC.


Viscosity; Nanofluid; Titanium Dioxide; Ethylene glycol

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