Performance of silicon micro ring modulator with an interleaved p-n junction for optical interconnects

Goyal, Priyanka ; Kaur, Gurjit


Silicon micro ring modulators are critical components in optical on-chip communications. The performance of an interleaved p-n junction micro ring modulator using FDTD solutions has been characterized. In this paper, the model and simulation of a modulator utilizing an interleaved junction with a SiO2 layer with a thickness of 10 µm have been presented. It is demonstrated that a loss of 34.7 dB/cm occurs during transmission. The modulator operates at 1.55 µm wavelength with a VπL of 0.78 V-cm at a voltage of 1 V, which gives figure of merit.


Silicon Photonics; Modulators; Interleaved Junction; Mach-Zehnder modulators

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