Monte carlo method for evaluation of uncertainty of measurement in brinell hardness scale

Kumar, Harish ; Moona, Girija ; Arora, P K; Haleem, Abid ; Singh, Jasveer ; Kumar, Rajesh ; Kumar, Anil


Though method based on law of propagation of uncertainty (LPU), described in GUM, is widely used as an international method for estimation of the uncertainty associated with measurements, JCGM through supplement JCGM 101:2008, which deals with the propagation of distributions, recommends the application of Monte Carlo method (MCM) to evaluate the uncertainty of measurement as an alternative method to LPU. In MCM approach, probability distribution function of measurand has been determined by assigning appropriate probability distribution of the input quantities. In the present paper, effort has been made to discuss the procedure for the application of MCM for computing the uncertainty of measurement of hardness blocks, which have been calibrated by Brinell hardness machine and observations have been recorded. A comparison of the findings of the LPU and MCM has been made, which shows good agreement between the two methodologies adopted. The paper attempts to highlights the MCM for uncertainty of measurement evalution and its implications in this regard. The paper thrusts upon the practical viability of MCM in similar applications and reliability of method have been discussed and presented.


Uncertainty of measurement; Law of propagation of uncertainty (LPU); Monte Carlo Method (MCM); Brinell hardness measurement; Hardness block

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