Topas based high birefringent and low loss single mode hybrid-core porous fiber for broadband application

Islam, Md Sohidul; Samaun Reza, K M ; Islam, Mohammad Rakibul


We present a through numerical analysis of a low loss and highly birefringent hybrid porous core with octagonal cladding structure for terahertz (THz) wave guidance. The proposed photonic crystal fiber (PCF) offers simultaneously low effective material loss (EML) as well as high birefringence in the frequency range of 0.8-1.05 THz with single mode operation. To attain high birefringence we introduce asymmetry in the core using both elliptical and circular air holes (hybrid). The numerical results obtained from the finite element method (FEM) which confirms low EML of 0.044 cm–1 as well as a high birefringence of ~0.043 at 0.73 THz operating frequency. Therefore, the fiber is likely to be useful in different THz polarization maintaining applications.


Birefringence; Effective material loss; Porous core; Terahertz;Photonic crystal fiber; Wave guide

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