Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline/TiO2 composites

Asha, Asha ; Goyal, Sneh Lata; Kumar, D ; Kumar, Shyam ; Kishore, Nawal


The synthesis and characterization of polyaniline (PANI)/TiO2 polymer composites have been studied. The synthesis method is based on chemical oxidative polymerization of aniline added with various weight % of TiO2 in the presence of ammonium persulphate as an oxidant. The results of XRD confirm the presence of TiO2 in the composites. The FTIR shows systematic shifting of the characteristic bands of PANI with the increase in content of TiO2. The SEM images revealed uniform distribution of TiO2 particles in the PANI matrix. The evaluation of the dynamical parameters for PANI/TiO2 composites using technique such as TGA has been reported. The thermal stability of composites increases with the increase in TiO2 weight %. Although PANI/TiO2 composites show lower dc electrical conductivity as compared to PANI and the conductivity decreases with increasing content of TiO2, but they show a higher thermal stability than that of PANI. Further, the dc electrical conductivity is observed to increase with the increase in temperature. This work opens new perspectives for the use of PANI/TiO2 composites as a conducting material at high temperatures.


Polyaniline; XRD; SEM; DSC/TGA/DTA; FTIR; DC Conductivity; TiO2

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