Structural, elastic and magnetic properties of spinel Co3O4

MEENA, P L; Kumar, Ravi ; Sreenivas, K


We have investigated the structural and magnetic properties of Co3O4 ceramic synthesized by solid state reaction method. Powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman spectroscopic and Fourier transforms infrared (FTIR) analysis reveals single phase formation at room temperature. Analysis of XRD data indicates that the Co3O4 crystallizes in cubic symmetry with face-centered cubic (fcc) Bravais lattice. Force constants and elastic properties have been estimated at room temperature using XRD and FTIR spectra and interpreted in terms of bond lengths. An octahedral broadening of the FTIR band (vo) and large force constant (ko) has been observed and indicated the inverse proportionality relationship between the force constant and the bond length. The elastic moduli and Poisson’s ratio uncorrected and corrected to zero porosity reveals the solidification of the Co3O4 ceramic sample. The field cooled (FC) and zero field cooled (ZFC) magnetization measurements using superconducting quantum interface device (SQUID) magnetometer exhibit a well-defined long-range antiferromagnetic order below transition (TN = 40 K) temperature.


Co3O4 ;X-ray diffraction; Rietveld refinement; Fourier transforms infrared; Raman spectra; Force constants; Elastic modulus; Anti-ferromagnetism

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