An ultrathin polarization insensitive frequency selective surface for wide stop band RF applications

Garg, Surbhi ; Sood, Deepak ; Gopal, Krishan


In this paper, a compact, polarization insensitive, wide stop band frequency selective surface (FSS) has been proposed to serve C, X and Ku band applications. The unit cell of the proposed FSS consists of the combination of square loop and Jerusalem cross dipole elements to achieve wide stop band with a -10 dB bandwidth of 15.96 GHz from 5.45 GHz to 21.41 GHz. The periodicity and overall thickness of the structure are 0.32 λ0 and 0.04 λ0, respectively. The proposed design is polarization insensitive and provides a wide stop band response for large angles of incident wave with TE or TM polarization. Equivalent circuit analysis has also been performed to verify the simulated results. A prototype of proposed structure has been fabricated and experimentally tested. The measured results have been observed in agreement with the simulated results.


Frequency selective surface;Spatial filter;Polarization insensitive;Wideband FSS

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