Enhanced sensitivity with thickness optimization of ZnO based acetone sensor

Arora, Anil ; Deshwal, Manish


Zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film based acetone gas sensor has been studied with variation of sensing layer thickness towards 500 ppm of acetone. The effect of thickness variation of the sensing layer on the structural, surface morphological, optical and gas sensing properties of ZnO thin film has been studied. A significant increase from 7.19 to 63 in the sensing response has been observed with bare ZnO thin film for the samples with an optimised thickness of 410 nm at an optimised operating temperature of 320 ᵒC. This study conducts the variations in structural, optical and the gas sensing characteristics while varying the thickness of ZnO based thin films for an acetone gas sensor. Further, the study concludes with an optimised thickness as 410 nm for an oxidizing gas.


Acetone sensor; Thickness optimization; ZnO thin film

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