Study of thermal stability in Se90Sb10-xAgx glassy alloys

Yadav, Sarish ; Srivastava, Sphoorti ; Kumar, D ; Kumar, A


Alloys of Se100-xSb10-xAgx (x=2, 4 &8) glassy system have been obtained by quenching technique. Kinetic parameters, which represent thermal stability, have been determined from differential scanning calorimetric technique. The rate of crystallization decreases with Ag concentration and is lowest for glassy Se90Sb2Ag8 alloy. Thermal stability (Tc-Tg), Hruby criterion Hr , Saad Poulain ‘S’ have been found to increase with Ag concentration and are maximum for Se90Sb2Ag8. Thus, one can conclude that the rate of crystallization is related to the thermal stability. The reduced glass transition temperature for Se90Sb10-xAgx is found to be 2/3, which shows that these glassy alloys are suitable for phase change optical memories.


Chalcogenide glasses; Differential scanning calorimetry

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