A facile approach to fabricate graphene based piezoresistive strain sensor on paper substrate

., Monika ; Bhatt, Kapil ; Rani, Cheenu ; Kapoor, Ankit ; Kumar, Pramod ; Kumar, Sandeep ; ., Shilpi ; ., Sandeep ; Singh, Randhir ; Tripathi, Chandra Charu


Sensors, FETs and chemi resistors are few of the devices which show potential in the area of flexible electronics for health monitoring applications. In the present work, piezoresistive strain sensors based on graphite and graphene on cellulose paper substrate has been reported. Graphite sensor has been fabricated by rubbing pencil on paper and graphene sensor by directly coating graphene ink using paint brush. The resistance of the fabricated sensor increases with outwards bending and vice-versa, further the piezoresistive effect has also been evaluated by applying variable longitudinal stress. A comparative study of gauge factor (GF) depending upon different type of strains has been presented and it has been observed that the GF of graphene piezoresistive strain sensor decreases with increase in number of layers, the GF for graphene sensor is higher as compared to graphite sensor. Fabricated piezoresistive strain sensors may find applications as human body motion detection, gait analysis etc.


Graphene; Piezoresistive; Graphite; Gauge factor (GF); Sensor;

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