Fabrication of low cost and versatile internal field pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer to study the magnetic materials

Keralapura, Ramesh Parthasarathy; B M, Siddesh ; M, Manjunatha ; Damle, Ramakrishna


We have built a low cost and versatile pulsed internal field nuclear magnetic resonance (IFNMR) spectrometer and used it to study ferromagnetic materials. Initially optimization of the instrument has been tested with nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) active nuclei. Ferromagnetic materials like bulk iron, bulk cobalt and carbon coated cobalt nanopowder have been used as the testing materials for our spectrometer. Preliminary results obtained from the present spectrometer have been compared with the earlier reports and are in good agreement. The specifications and performance standard of the instrument match quite well with standard instruments elsewhere in the world which is testified with the observation of NMR echo signals in the above mentioned materials confirming the quality of the spectrometer. Additionally NMR signals from the grain boundaries are observed in Co@C nanomaterials which prove the sensitivity of the spectrometer.


Ferromagnetic nanomaterials; IFNMR spectrometer; RF enhancement; 57Fe; 59Co; Co@C

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