High input impedance trans-admittance mode biquad universal filter employing DVCCTAs and grounded passive elements

shankar, chandra ; Singh, Sajai Vir


In this paper a new high input impedance trans-admittance-mode biquad filter has been proposed and investigated which has been designed using  two differential voltage current conveyor trans-conductance amplifiers (DVCCTAs) and all grounded passive elements in the form of two capacitors and three resistors only. The proposed TAM filter has the ability to realize all five standard filtering functions, simultaneously. Apart from these characteristics, the proposed filter also enjoys the desirable features such as low active and passive sensitivities, low power consumption, high impedance for both input voltage and output current signal and orthogonal electronic tunability of pole frequency and quality factor. The overall performance of the presented filter has been investigated using mathematical analysis, pre-layout and post-layout simulation results obtained by PSPICE in 0.18 µm CMOS process technology.


DVCCTA; TAM; Electronic tunability; Biquad; Filter; SIMO

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