Dielectric relaxation and modulus studies of PEO-PAM blend based sodium salt electrolyte system

Dave, Gargi ; Kanchan, Dinesh


Dielectric properties of solid polymer electrolyte having PEO-PAM blend matrix with sodium trifluoromethane sulfonate (NaCF3SO3) as ionic salt have been studied. The samples have been prepared by solution cast technique. X-ray diffraction analysis has been carried to understand the formation of blend, complexation and crystallinity of the polymer blend with the variation of salt amount. Complex impedance spectroscopy has been used to study ionic conductivity, dielectric relaxation and modulus formalism as a function of frequency at various temperatures. Scaling of M" spectra has been carried out and it has been found that the dynamic relaxation processes occurring in the system are dependent on temperature as well as salt concentration. Highest conductivity at room temperature has been found to be 2.81x10-7 S/cm for sample with 17.5 wt% NaCF3SO3.


Blend polymer electrolyte; Sodium triflate; Dielectric relaxation; Modulus formalism

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