Chemical reaction effect on MHD rotating fluid over a vertical plate with variable thermal conductivity: A numerical study

Sharma, Ram Prakash; Ibrahim, S M ; Jain, Madhu ; Mishra, S R


In this article, we have considered the simultaneous influence of chemical reaction and heat source on magnetohydrodynamic assorted convective heat and mass transfer flow past a vertical plate in a rotating system. The effects of applied magnetic field have also been taken into consideration while the induced magnetic field has not been reviewed due to very minor magnetic Reynolds number. The governing nonlinear partial differential equations for the flow, energy and species have been changed into highly nonlinear coupled system of ordinary differential equations by the help of similarity transformations and which are then solved numerically by applying fourth order Runge-Kutta technique associated along with shooting technique. The impacts of different variables on the velocity, temperature, concentration, skin friction and rate of heat and mass transfer distribution in the system have been shown graphically and explained in detail. In this paper we differentiate the results with already published works and good concurrence has been acquired to ensure the validity of the study.


MHD; Chemical reaction; Heat source; Thermal conductivity; Variable porosity

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