Determination of available volume using thermo acoustical parameters and evaluation of ion-solvent interactions in liquid solutions

Nanda, Brajabandhu


The available volume in a binary liquid mixture containing BaCl2 and BaBr2 at varying mole fraction of solute has been computed applying thermo acoustical parameters and ultrasonic method, a relation of the available volume. The relative applicability of all these approaches to the present investigation has been checked and discussed. The values obtained from both the methods are utilized to study the presence and strength of ion-solvent interactions of BaCl2 and BaBr2 with methanol-water, ethanol-water and dioxane-water system under investigation. The increase in the available volume indicates the presence of ion-solvent interactions as well as structure making ability of barium chloride and barium bromide in aqueous methanol, ethanol and dioxane solutions.


Available volume; Thermo acoustical parameter; Ion-solvent interaction; Aquo-organic solution; Schaffs method

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