The simultaneous effects of the wetting layer, intense laser and the conduction band non-parabolicity on the donor binding energy in a InAs/GaAs conical quantum dot using the numerical FEM

SALI, Ahmed ; Rezzouk, Abdellah ; Es-Sbai, Najia ; Ouazzani Jamil, Mohammed


Using the finite element method, we have performed a systematic study on the ground-state binding energy (  of a donor impurity confined in a  conical quantum dot (CQD) with wetting layer (WL) and a realistic finite confining potential. The simultaneous effect of the applied electric and magnetic fields as well as the influence of an intense laser field have been performed on the Eb within the effective mass approximation. The band non-parabolicity effect is also considered using the energy dependent effective mass approximation. It has been shown that the Eb is highly dependent on the internal and external CQD structure parameters such as radial thickness, height and WL thickness, external electric, magnetic fields and intense laser field. The results we have obtained show that a quite significant contribution of the WL effects on the ground state energy and the Eb has found at small values of the cone radius. In the low confinement regime, the effect of the conduction band non-parabolicity becomes gradually smaller as the value of the cone radius increases and the influence of high-frequency laser increases with the non-parabolicity effect in the regime of small QD radius. Our results are in good agreement with those obtained in the literature.


FEM;Quantum dot; Wetting layer; Binding energy; Conduction band non-parabolicity

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