Current-mode biquad filter using CNTFET-based ZC-CITA

Singla, Laxya ; Prasad, Dinesh ; Mainuddin, Prof. ; Islam, S. S.


A CNTFET-based z-copy current inverting trans-conductance amplifier (ZC-CITA) has been proposed. The proposed model uses 28 CNTFET-based transistors, 3 current sources and it uses supply voltages of ±2V with 32 nm technology mode. This paper also introduces the validity of ZC-CITA showing its application as biquad filter which has not been designed yet with an added advantage of power reduction. The result has been verified using HSPICE.


Carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNTFET); Carbon nanotube (CNT); Low power; Current inverting transconductance amplifier (CITA); Biquad filter

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