Analysis of infinite pressure behaviour of thermoelastic properties of materials

Shanker, J ; Singh, P K; Saurabh, S


Thermoelastic properties have been determined in the limit of infinite pressure by considering the material to remain in the same phase up to extreme compression. We have used some basic principles of calculus in various thermodynamic identities to extrapolate thermoelastic properties at infinite pressure. The results thus obtained are found to be consistent with the earlier investigations made by Stacey (Rep Prog Phys, 68 (2005)341). It has been proved in the present study that the logarithmic volume derivatives of the Anderson-Grüneisen parameters become zero at infinite pressure. This finding has further been used to obtain new results for higher order thermoelastic parameters at extreme compression.


Thermal expansivity; Grüneisen parameter; bulk modulus; Andreson-Grüneisen parameters


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