Transient natural convection magnetohydrodynamic motion over an exponentially accelerated vertical porous plate with heat source

Sharma, Ram Prakash; Paul, Ashish


Effects of heat source on the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) one-dimensional flow past a vertical surface have been analyzed. Thermal radiation effect is present. The Laplace transformation procedure reduces the involved governing PDEs into the ODEs and hence closed form solutions have been obtained. The effect of permeability parameter (k), heat source parameter (Q), thermal radiation (R), suction parameter (γ), magnetic field parameter (M) have been analyzed on the velocity and temperature distributions, Skin friction coefficient (τ) and Nusselt number (Nu). The convergence of the obtained solutions has been seen through graphical results. Effects of skin friction (τ) and the Nusselt number (Nu) for different parameters have also been analyzed.


Thermal radiation; MHD flow; Porous medium; Heat source; Vertical porous plate

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