Novel instrumentation amplifier and integrator circuits using single DDCC and only grounded passive elements

Yuce, Erkan


In the present paper, very simple voltage-mode instrumentation amplifier (IA) and integrator structures including only grounded passive components yielding easy integration are proposed. The proposed IA and integrator use single differential difference current conveyor. The proposed IA without requiring critical passive component matching conditions can be constructed with only two small-valued resistors to obtain high gain. The proposed integrator circuit has the feature of improved low frequency performance, which can be accomplished via a resistive component matching constraint. Also, both of the proposed circuits have high input impedances yielding easy cascadability. Both of the proposed configurations consume less power, and can be operated at higher frequencies. Some simulation and experimental results are included to confirm the theory.


Differential difference current conveyor; Instrumentation amplifier; Integrator; Grounded passive components

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