Effects of radiation and chemical reaction on convective nanofluid flow through a non-linear permeable stretching sheet with partial slip

Sreedevi, Gandluru


The steady, convective two-dimensional nanofluid flow has been investigated under the influence of radiation absorption and chemical reaction through a porous medium. The flow has been caused by a non-linear stretching sheet with the slip effects of the velocity, the temperature and the nanoparticle concentration. The fluid is electrically conducted in the presence of an applied magnetic field. Appropriate transformations reduce the non-linear partial differential system to an ordinary differential system. The convergent solutions of the governing non-linear problems have been computed using fifth-order-Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg integration scheme. The results of the velocity, the temperature, and the concentration fields have been calculated in series forms. The effects of the different parameters on the velocity, the temperature, and the concentration profiles are shown and analyzed. The skin friction coefficient, the Nusselt and the Sherwood numbers have also been computed and investigated for different embedded parameters in the problem statement.


Nanofluid; Non-linear stretching sheet; Slip effect; Radiation absorption; Chemical reaction

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