Fabrication and characterization of thermally oxidized TiO2 thin films on Si(100) substrates

Bhatta, Umananda M; Guha, Puspendu ; Kumar G, Susheel ; R M, Nagabharana


Mixed phase TiO2 is known to have better photocatalytic property as the resulting grain boundaries and interfaces between substrate, anatase and rutile phases play a crucial role in transferring/trapping photogenerated electrons. Here we have grown three different thicknesses (10 nm, 30 nm and 50 nm) of Ti thin films on Si(100) substrate in a sputter coater. Thermal oxidation in air at 600 °C for 1 h leads to the formation of mixed phase TiO2 thin films. Surface morphology and crystalline quality of thin film are discussed using XRD, SEM and TEM results. Moiré fringes resulting from interfacial strain have been discussed using lattice resolved HRTEM images.


Thermal oxidation; TiO2; Mixed phase; HRTEM; Moiré fringes

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