Automation for calibrating a precision current source by Ohm’s law method

Ehtesham, Bushra ; Kiran, Usha ; John, Thomas


We present the design of a program developed in LabVIEW for automating the calibration of a precision current source by the Ohm’s law method. The program in addition to automating the instrument setup and measurement performs uncertainty computations in accordance with guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM) and produces the calibration report and saves a record of the calibration process with all relevant information. The program has been tested for calibrating Keithley 6430 remote source meter in the current range of 1nA to 100 mA. While there are several benefits from the automation, but the most significant one is the achievement of low uncertainties in calibrating the current source.


Current source; Automated calibration; Ohm’s law method; Uncertainty; LabVIEW

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